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PERIAPT, pronounced /'perry, apt”/, an old English word used to describe an item worn as an amulet or charm.  A PERIAPT cable is significant, important, a crucial component of the audio experience and essential part of who we are as an audio listener. PERIAPT customers know that an interconnect is more than just a cable.

Used in a sentence:
'even rational, enlightened people have their periapts, which somehow make them feel a little more secure in an uncertain world' - Merriam-Webster dictionary


Below are a couple reviews and comments from well known YouTubers and our customers. We strive to make the best product we can and we are proud of what we accomplished.

Z Review (Starts at the 11:35 mark, but we suggest to watch the whole video; this guys hilarious!)






Metal 571:

 “last night I finally got a chance to check out the HD 6x0 cable and it rocks. Was using my HD 600 to monitor some real time electric guitar amp modeling software from my Focusrite interface and having the braided cable was so much better to deal with than the stock cable, not to mention the invincible feeling 1/4" adapter. Nice. Sennheiser is sending me the HD 599 soon so I should get a chance to test the other cable shortly.” - METAL 571


Customer Comments:

  • “Hello, i finally got yesterday the cable i bought and it's amazing. I love it!”
  • “I am very grateful for the update, and your impeccable customer service
  • “Amazing...that's all I can think to say
  • “Received the E-Mu teaks(ebony), and the cable works wonderfully!!!
  • Your cables are killer .”



Proficient Solutions is an I.T. firm located in Wichita Kansas offering Consulting, Analysis and Development in all fields of information technology. Our group consists of enterprise-experienced technology professionals looking to find new challenges outside of their normal routine. It’s not about the money; it's about the thrill of problem solving and watching our customers' businesses grow. With over 50 years of combined IT experience Proficent Solutions, LLC has specialists in most areas of information technology and beyond.

Why are we focusing on audio?

Grueling amounts of programing can take its toll on developers. Many use audio to help make long days easier. Over time, those cables need to be replaced. In our search for replacements, the market seemed to have a decent selection of expensive cables, as well as a number of lower quality, low cost products. If you have a MID-FI product you may not want a $10 cable, at the same time you do not want a cable that cost more than your headphones. We thought to our self “Sure wish there was a MID-FI cable out there”, and that’s when PERIAPT INTERCONNECT was born.