The PERIAPT quality seal certifies each product is assembled to the requirements and specifications provided by the PERIAPT quality system. All cables are thoroughly tested to meet our standards as our product strives to provide the highest in customer satisfaction. Our experienced audio technicians repeatedly listen to their most beloved track to determine if the end product exceeds expectations. And just in case you're curious, the intials of the tech and name of track & artist will be documented on the product certification which is included in your box.  


PERIAPT cables are manufactured with ultra-flexible oxygen free Japanese copper. The internal wire is twisted and then covered with additional layer of woven copper providing high levels of noise cancellations and RFI shielding. PERIAPT cables are sleeved in a military grade Para-cord cloth using professional grade connectors. Each connector is reinforced with a built in strain relief and dual walled self-adhesive heat-shrink.  A PERIAPT interconnect is skillfully hand assembled under the guidance of cable experts and is thoroughly tested to ensure the ultimate in durability; the highest level of quality at the lowest possible price.


30-Day Return Policy – PSLLC assures that your Periapt cable will function as advertised for the specified headphones on our website. The product undergoes rigorous testing before shipment. In the unlikely event of a defect or issue caused by PSLLC within the 30-day return window, we cover return expenses and provide a free expedited replacement. The return period begins upon product receipt.

Please be extremely wary of the product configuration. PERIAPTcables are made to order; any returns outside of defects or errors caused by Proficient Solutions, LLC will not be accepted.

  • The product must be returned in the same condition it was sent to you. 
  • Cables must be used as intended and only for product it was tested with.
  • Items that arrive with excessive damage due to improper packing will not be accepted.
  • If you have any question of concern about a return or a problem contact us by email: customerservice@periaptcables.com


6 Months Warranty Period – PSLLC provides a 6-month warranty beginning upon product receipt, encompassing both parts and labor. Beyond this timeframe, we are open to collaborating with customers. Please don't hesitate to contact us, and we will address such situations on a case-by-case basis. We are pleased to assist beyond this specified period. customerservice@periaptcables.com

PSLLC cannot be held responsible for any damage incurred to equipment if customers do not follow the equipment manufactures guidelines. It is recommended to adhere to the guidelines provided by your amplifier, headphones, speakers, or other equipment interacting with our cables. Exercise caution when performing actions such as hotswapping, maximizing volumes, overamplifying, or any choices cautioned against by your component’s manufacturer.