When will my cables arrive?

All our cables are built by hand from scratch after the time of order. It is our goal to ship in at least 21 working days but typically we run much earlier. We know you're excited and we want to get these to you as soon as possible!


Which Type do I order for my HIFIMANs?

Type 2 for headphones made in 2017 or earlier and Type 8 for 2018. If you are still not sure, unplug the stock HIFIMAN connector from one of the cups, if it fits in your smart phones 3.5 jack then you need a Type 8. If the stock cup connector is to small for your phone then you need a Type 2. 


What are the Red and Black indicators? 

Red goes to the right can, Black to the left can.

How do I insert my Type 4 connectors into my headphones?

+/- face inside, red = right, black = left (580, 600, 650, 660)


Can you terminate with a balanced 2.5mm, 3.5mm or 4.4mm?

Yes – Just order a termination with a Pro XLR and put notes in the order.  You can add the notes in the bottom left hand corner of the cart page.
EXAMPLE: "Please terminate with a 2.5mm for my FiiO X3 Mark 3."


Do you have these? Colors/Connectors for this headphone etc.

We are limited by the variants we can place on our website. Therefore, we created broad categories that will fit 98% of our customer needs. Being custom, we can do many creative builds for our customers and enjoy doing so. Your best bet is to email us and ask! we will try to make it happen: customerservice@periaptcables.com.


Do you ship international? 

Yes. Our shipping process is automated though our website, so proforma invoices and international documentation will be generated directly from your online purchase. Shipping cost is calculated there as well.


How can I get a hold of you regarding questions or concerns about my order/product?

Email us: customerservice@periaptcables.com.


If I pay extra, can I expedite my order to be completed and sent out quicker?

No. Just email us and we can let you know if it's possible to make it faster. customerservice@periaptcables.com. 


Do you charge extra for…(colors, custom connectors, etc.)?

We try not to. Only in cases where there is a substantial price increase based on the special request. We want the process to be as easy as possible and as flexible as possible.


What if I receive a defective cable?

Email us: customerservice@periaptcables.com. 

Not finding your answer? Please don’t hesitate to email us at customerservice@periaptcables.com.