splYt - Top (about 2ft)

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Introducing splYt,  cable management that's here to transform your cable chaos into organized bliss! Tired of wrestling with tangled wires when switching between headphones and sources? Meet splYt, your cable-superhero.

Keep the harmony alive by effortlessly connecting your favorite headphones to the "splYt-Top", while the versatile "splYt-Bottom" gracefully plugs into different source types. Have a headphone collection that could rival a record store? Fear not – splYt is here to save the day! No more headaches from mismatched cables and sources; splYt empowers you to plug various sources turning your audio setups into a seamless compatible symphony.

splYt - Combo includes both your choice of 1 top and one bottom for a total of one 6-foot combo.

splYt - Top includes the top part of the headphone to a male 4.4 connector.  (see compatibility list below) 1 size, apx 2 feet in length

splYt - Bottom includes a female 4.4 connector to the termination of your choice. ( 3.5 mm, 1/4 Pro, 4 pin XLR - PRO XLR,  and 4.4 mm.  (we are also able to do custom terminations as well such as 3.5trrs or 2.5trrs and more)

 *** We are able to customize your order, and in many cases at no additional charge. You can email us at customerservice@periaptcables.com or on the cart page in the comment box write the changes you want. Either way, let us know and we can see what we can do.

PERIAPT cables are made to order. Please allow up to 20 DAYS LEAD time before delivery.